Nobby Clark apologises 'to anyone who felt offended'

Nobby Clark
Invercargill Mayor Nobby Clark. File photo
Invercargill Mayor Nobby Clark has reportedly apologised "to anybody who felt offended" by his recent appearance on a television show.

Last month, Clark made headlines when he appeared on comedian Guy Williams’ satirical news show New Zealand Today and used racially charged language.

The show covered a March 2023 incident in which Clark used the ’N-word’ at an Art Foundation Event.

On Tuesday, two councillors confirmed they had lodged a code of conduct complaint against the mayor.

"It was based on the Guy Williams thing. I believe they’ve breached different parts of the code and went ahead with it (the complaint),” councillor Ian Pottinger said.

Mr Clark told Stuff he thought he was appearing on a comedy show.

“With hindsight, had I known how the Guy Williams TV show was going to be cut and pasted, I wouldn’t have been involved.’

“But I didn’t know that at the time.’’

Clark said he had received positive feedback from the community about his TV appearance.

“Most was quite positive, but some were offended by it,’’ he said.

“So I guess it’s appropriate for me to apologise to anybody who felt offended,’’ he told Stuff.

Pottinger said lodging a complaint was a complex process and required a level of satisfaction that there had been a breach, he said.

“It’s part of our role, if we believe there is a breach, we should be strong if we do believe it.”

Pottinger would not comment further, saying the process needed to be followed.

Councillor Ria Bond confirmed she was the other party and had co-written a letter of complaint.

Both Bond and Pottinger were critical of the mayor’s television appearance after it went to air, the latter labelling it a “train wreck”.