Fence to stop falling rocks ready

Port Otago’s new rock safety fence in Beach St, Port Chalmers, is seen from Observation Point.

After more than six months, work finished earlier this week on the $500,000 fence which is designed to stop rocks falling on to traffic.

The fence, which sits 4m above the road and is 100m long, is held up by 13 posts anchored 10m into the ground.

The port also redirected stormwater discharge on the hill in order to lessen the likelihood of rocks being dislodged.

Yesterday morning, the road was fully operational again for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.


just to remind everyone that Port Otago caused this by cutting down a hill - tried to fight with mother nature - now after their complete stupidity they are trying to fence their falling rocks yet they refuse to invest in their own asset so their neighbours can sleep at night. ship to shore power is a technology that has been around for 20 yrs but this lot refuse to even discuss.