Glass mix-up sees $18k worth of wine given away

A Christchurch bar claims it gave away $18,000 worth of wine due to incorrectly printed pour lines on its wine glasses.

The glasses, from Southern Hospitality and marked by a third party, were lined for 170ml rather than 150ml. Boo Radley's in Christchurch claims the resulting over-generous pours left them $18,000 out-of-pocket.

Southern Hospitality told Fairfax it was an isolated incident and the third-party company which printed the lines had since gone out of business.

Boo Radley's owner Brett Giddens said a settlement that remedies the losses had been met.

The issue was revealed when Mr Giddens posted a Google review about Southern Hospitality in August.

"It came to light that the pour lines were marked incorrectly, meaning that we were oversupplying every glass of wine sold by the glass, which was a substantial amount of product (around $18k)," Mr Giddens wrote.

"I was hopeful at one point that this would be resolved as Southern Hospitality passed the matter to their insurers. Yet it is now in August 2017, some two years later, with no resolution or end in sight even after having the losses verified by an independent party.

The kick in the guts with these guys is that they have also charged me for the glassware! I am significantly out of pocket as a result of this and have wasted a lot of time and resource in attempts to get it resolved."


The bar must have extremely poor stock control if they could not recognise that it was not possible to get 5 glass pours out of a bottle of wine. Lets say they buy a bottle for $15, with a 100% mark up, that means it took 4500 bottles before they figured it out. Time for some better management of their business.