St Clair salon ready for Alert Level 2

Alert Level 2 can't come soon enough says the co-director of a Dunedin hair salon.

Zaibatsu, in St Clair, is just one of the many hair salons which have been closed during Alert Levels 3 and 4.

The salon's co-director Kris Proctor said Alert Level 2 "can't come soon enough."

"I'd like it to be now", she said.

The lockdown has been "financially tough", Ms Proctor said.

The employee wage subsidy from the Government meant they had retained their top-notch staff, she said.

She welcomed the Prime Minister's post-cabinet announcement yesterday, and said her staff of 6 stylists, and a salon manager, have all the necessary PPE gear to keep everybody safe.

"I've had gloves since before lockdown began, as I like to be organised, and I've got masks and 'kimono gowns' ready for the team, so that everyone is safe," Ms Proctor said.

I'm looking forward to opening the salon this Thursday, she said.

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