Councillors take pay rise

Dave Cull
Dave Cull
A pay rise for Dunedin's elected officials was accepted without discussion yesterday.

Dunedin city councillors, including the mayor, will get a 5.7% pay rise, backdated to July 1. Community board members will receive a 1.5% pay-rise.

The pay rates of elected local government officials is set by the Remuneration Authority.

When a report on the new remuneration levels was presented to councillors during a full council meeting yesterday, they were not able to vote down their pay-rises. They noted the report without discussion.

Mayor Dave Cull will now be paid $157,798 a year and deputy mayor Chris Staynes will receive $77,316.

The remuneration for councillors has increased to $59,474 but committee chairmen will now be paid $72,856 and subcommittee chairmen $65,192.

The rises are partly due to the remuneration authority trying to realign all council pay based on the size of population served.

All mayoral salaries are now based on the role being full-time.

From next year councils will receive a set amount from the authority and how it is distributed will be left up to each council.


If you lot had any backbone, you'd align your pay rises you the pittance/nothing the ratepayers get for their increase.
As well as of you had any moral tendencies, you could just gift your extra pay back to the council/ratepayers.
And don't say you can't, I'm sure the council would accept a million dollar donation if I was to offer one.
Shame on the lot of you

I wonder why there was no discussion, well no not really seeing as its the DCC.

At the next election I might become a councilor, seems like a good wicket.

Me as well.
It would be a bit of humor watching Vandervis doing his jumping up and down childish games.