Creativity of rainbow community celebrated

Fringe and Dunedin Pride art day attendees (back row from left) Lara Wallace, Menzie Saker, James...
Fringe and Dunedin Pride art day attendees (back row from left) Lara Wallace, Menzie Saker, James Bailey, photographer Blake Armstrong, Felicity Lewis, (front row from left) Dunedin Pride event organiser Peone Logo, Finn Crannitch, Perry Saker and Dunedin Pride chairperson Max Wolfgram pose in front of some of the art created by members of the LGBTQIA+ community. PHOTO: GREGOR RICHARDSON
They have it in the bag — Dunedin Pride’s Fringe Festival Art Day wrapped up yesterday a collaborative venture between the two organisations with a display of creativity.

Dunedin Pride, which has been collaborating with Fringe Festival during Pride Month, held the crafty event as its final official event for the festival.

Dunedin Pride Art Day event organiser Peone Logo said it had been a huge success and she was proud to see the creations from all those who had attended.

"There’s so many wonderful creative people.

"You wouldn’t believe the incentive created by asking people if they want to make a sticker.

"It’s so interesting seeing what people have turned out and made during the event."

She said so many people had come along to share and participate in the arty occasion.

Dunedin Pride member Felicity Lewis said she had enjoyed the event, and displayed a piece of artwork she had created that afternoon.

"This is a really good space for neurodiverse people to sit down and focus — I drew this today and I’m really proud."

The artwork created would be taken to the shared Queer Space on campus at the University of Otago and displayed.

Dunedin Fringe finished last night with an award ceremony to celebrate the best performances and contributions over the course of the 10-day festival.