Secondary scene: Gore High School

Gore High School pupils (from left) Sophie Cupit (Year 13 Art), Keira Dawson (Year 12 Painting),...
Gore High School pupils (from left) Sophie Cupit (Year 13 Art), Keira Dawson (Year 12 Painting), Cristina Webb (Year 12 Printmaking), Chonelle Ayson (Year 12 Painting). PHOTOS: SUPPLIED
Sophie Cupit
Gore High School pupil Sophie Cupit (Year 13 Art).
Keira Dawson
Gore High School pupil Keira Dawson (Year 12 Painting).
Cristina Webb
Gore High School pupil Cristina Webb (Year 12 Printmaking).
Chonelle Ayson
Gore High School pupil Chonelle Ayson (Year 12 Painting).


For this mixed media drawing I was inspired by the negative effects of beauty standards portrayed by social media.

I created this mixed media piece using colour pencil, collage and paints.


My artwork was created using acrylic paints. It was inspired by artists Frida Kahlo and Henri Matisse.

I incorporated their styles to create this abstract piece that uses bright colours.

It shows a closer view than most Frida Kahlo pieces to show the idea of beauty and looking at beauty up close.


Both pieces are etchings, using an etching tool to carve into a plastic sheet then using different patterns for both dinosaurs to create a realistic look to them. I also made a twill weave to print on to.

The reason I chose dinosaurs is because they have interested me ever since I was a little girl.


This piece is a painting of hands that required layers of paint to make it look realistic.The ideas I got to develop this artwork revolved around embracing nature and the outdoors.

It looks into feeling and connecting with nature which is shown through the vines weaving through the fingers.

I think it’s important as a young woman to speak up about this, especially with social media playing a huge part in our lives.