The patient watcher enduring nature’s cycle of the seasons


Kaikorai Valley College year 11

On a warm summer’s morning, an old caravan sunbathes while waiting upon the arrival of its people.

Even though sunbathing, the caravan’s exterior thumps with the beating of its heart and thought that the long-awaited visitors are almost here.

A rumble and a honk signals the start of entertainment and joy is in the air.

From now on, the silence will be replaced with continuous laughter and chatting through the morning all the way till the stars are out and the moon is beaming.

The steady flow of the river will be jumbled with the unsteady splashes and pool floats bouncing around in the river.

Native summer air will be enhanced with the mouth-watering smell of pancakes and bacon sizzling away.

On a warm summer’s afternoon, a content caravan watches on as its people venture farther into the river, laughing while they bounce and jump on to pool floats.

Once again the caravan is left on its own, only now it does not sunbathe in the sun, it sits amongst the harsh icy snow, feeling sort of glum and lonely, it weeps and lets out a small tear.

Out from the windows lay strong thick icicles shielding the inside of the caravan from the light.

The still bitter air waits on its prey, only this time it’s winter and there are no innocent campers or tents to prey on, just one lone caravan deserted and left to fight on its own.

There is no chatting or talking, only the whistling of the wind, the kind that sends shivers through the caravan’s spine.

The river is not steady, quite the opposite, chunks of ice made from layers upon layer like bricks rapidly thrash against water creating a dangerous water way.

The air is scentless and empty, no mouth-watering pancakes or bacon, just an empty sense of smell.

On a chilly winter’s morning, an old caravan reminisces as it sits in the snow while waiting upon the arrival of summer.