Dawn and Dusk


Year 11, Gore High School


The eruption of birdsong awakens me from my peaceful state, I glance out the window with hazy eyes to an explosion of colour scattering the sky.

I slowly creep out of bed trying to avoid any lose floorboards from sending a thundering sound around the room.

I grasp a few belongings and make my way toward the door, the cool air brushes harshly against my face.

The gravel crunches beneath my feet as I stare in awe at the art painted gracefully on the sky.

I edge closer and closer, my body beginning to tremble with anticipation, I slowly wade deeper into the crisp water.

I lay back and let the water engulf my body, I stare up at the sky watching the heavenly scene of pinks, peaches and yellows become buried beneath a sapphire blue blanket.

The sun beams down, its golden rays hitting my face.

I lay there for what feels like hours enjoying the warmth of the sun, my limbs become numb as I emerge from the water.

I make my way back, the gravel crunching with every step I take; I walk through the door, to the sweet smell of pancakes and an assortment of other goodies laid out on the bench.

Heavenly bliss.


The gentle breeze flows around the fire, the saffron flames dancing elegantly.

Squeals of laughter can be heard ever so slightly in the distance, today’s collection of shells and crabs laid out proudly on the deck.

The moment everyone has been waiting for, the marshmallows are brought out.

Within moments a stampede transpired.

The fight was on.

The peaceful flames now swarmed by little people eager for their delicate dessert to be toasted to perfection.

The sweet smell of sugar and chocolate floated through the air.

Heavy eyes of little ones exhausted from their adventures, line the chairs fighting the need to sleep.

Their fragile bodies carefully picked up and placed into bed, bundled up in their cosy blankets.

The night sky lined with glimmering stars; the birds have long gone to sleep allowing for a timeless oasis to take hold of the world.