Father wants return of Kahui twins' brother

The Kahui twins' brother, Shayne, is thriving with foster parents raising him in the countryside with traditional Maori values - but father Chris Kahui wants him back.

Shayne turned 3 this month, oblivious to the turmoil he was taken from after the killings two years ago and the courtroom argument between mother Macsyna King and Mr Kahui over who killed the twins.

Child, Youth and Family placed Shayne with artists Henare and Tawera Tahuri, members of Ms King's wider whanau on the East Coast.

Shayne speaks English and Maori, loves to sing waiata, do the haka and is said to be "incredibly bright".

Arriving in the community sickly with serious asthma, it cleared up within three months in the country air and has not returned.

Shayne has a sibling-like relationship with baby cousin Cyene, also taken from the Mangere home by CYF and placed in the custody of the Tahuris.

Cyene is the daughter of Stuart King and Mona Kahui - Ms King's brother and Mr Kahui's sister.

Mr Kahui initially blamed Shayne, then 1 year old, for inflicting the fatal injuries on the twins.

Now acquitted of murdering the twins, he wants Shayne back.

Mona Kahui also wants custody of Cyene.

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