A gorgeously illustrated coffee-table book, Movida Solera (Penguin) explores the food of Andalusia.

Spanish-born Melbourne chef Frank Camorra, who owns Movida and several offshoots, visited the region with food writer Richard Cornish, photographer Alan Benson and local researcher Cesc Castro, exploring the food in homes, bars, bakeries and restaurants and translating them into recipes.

There are also guides to some of the restaurants and hotels in each region.

There are rich dishes such as chicken in saffron, egg and almond sauce, plus simple ones such as wild asparagus and eggs or clams cooked in fino sherry, a couple of different types of gazpacho, dishes with the ubiquitous jamon (air-dried ham), the revered bacalao (salt cod), and many others.

A feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.



Jamie Oliver's new book, Jamie's Comfort Food (Penguin) is the opposite of his recent 15- and 30-Minute Meals.

It's cooking for long summer evenings or cosy winter weekends, holidays and celebrations, he says in the introduction.

Some of his signature Italian-inspired dishes are here, many British ones, and also a good smattering of south and east Asian flavours as well.

There are things such as shepherd's pie, chicken tikka masala, and toad in the hole, gado gado, hamburger, bun cha bowls, daal, pho, chilli, lasagne, pavlova, sticky toffee pudding.

Each recipe has the time it takes to prepare and cook, the calories per serve, and at the back is nutrition information for each dish, with a slightly apologetic note from a nutritionist that comfort food is often indulgent and their job is to make sure the recipe is the best it can be without compromising the point of the dish in the first place.


Donna Hay's fans will be pleased to see her latest book, The new easy (4th Estate), which categorises recipes as suitable for weeknights, weekends and baking.

It features her trademark spare styling on pale backgrounds highlighting the colours of the food, and her simple fresh recipes with short ingredient lists and instructions.





Smoothies and juices are all part of the current health trend, and Deborah Gray's 1000 juices, green drinks and smoothies (New Holland) will provide masses of inspiration for blends of flavours of vegetables, fruits, herbs and nuts.

Apart from the cordials and syrups you will need a blender or juicer, but there's much to explore here.





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