Extreme fitness challenge: How fit could you get in just six short weeks?

We here at the ODT love a good old fashioned challenge and so this time we decided to go out and help someone get fit for summer.

We thought hard about the type of programme a person would need in order to give them the best chance of getting fit really fast and so we teamed up with the World Fitness Centre and asked if we could put their new Tribe Team Training system to the test for six whole weeks.

They stepped up to the challenge (no surprises there). All we had to do was find someone, and quick, because the next Tribe season was starting in just 4 days! We put the word out and it didn't take long before one of the guys put their hand up and said they knew a person who would fit the bill perfectly...

Introducing Emma Rastrick:

Emma is a hair stylist and somewhat of a public figure 'round here in Dunedin, she's been in many competitions with one recently being held in Australia where she worked behind the scenes to get the models ready.

She's also a super-mum of one with a busy social calendar and because she works strange hours in her profession we had to make sure that her exercise programme didn't interfere with her life too much.

Emma, in her own words is not sporty or athletic (which is what we wanted because we think she represents a big portion of the public) but she has a great attitude and will take on almost any challenge head on so when she heard about the programme she was totally up for it! How hard could it be, right?

So here's the scoop on what's going on:

Over the next 6 weeks Emma is going to reveal the good, the bad and the ugly with her experiences on the TribeFIT programme with photos, comments and workout summaries.

We told her that the TribeFIT workout is not for the faint of heart (it's quite different to anything she's ever done before!) but if she sticks to it, we've been told that her fitness will be like she's never experienced and she'll drop a few kilos along the way, which of course Emma was excited about.

Click Here to follow Emma's journey on her bid to get fit in six weeks!



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