Grave offence: Pair sought over Melbourne crypt theft

Two men are wanted over a disturbing theft from a crypt at a Melbourne cemetery, with a diamond ring taken from a woman's corpse.

Detectives say it has been suggested the bizarre crime may be linked to a form of retribution against one of the dead woman's relatives.

The graverobbers targeted Preston General Cemetery at Bundoora about 5am on July 30.

It's believed at least two men accessed a large combined commercial mausoleum, removing a casket and accessing the woman's remains.

Police say a valuable diamond ring may have been removed from her body.

There was no damage to any other crypts within the mausoleum.

Police believe theft may not be the only motive for the crime.

"This is a highly unusual incident," Detective Inspector Graham Banks said.

"I know there has been a lot of speculation, particularly in criminal circles, as to why this incident happened and who was responsible.

"While theft is not discounted as the only motive, police are receiving consistent intelligence that this was undertaken as a form of retribution against a relative of the deceased woman."

Police on Friday released images of the two men in the hope someone can identify them.