Otago University tops all key measures in TEC performance tests

Harlene Hayne.
Harlene Hayne
The University of Otago has achieved a "stellar" result, topping all the latest key Government indicators measuring the educational performance of students at New Zealand universities.

Having been top in all but one of the indicators last year, Otago has now completed a clean sweep by ranking first across all  the key measures.

Released last week by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), the annual educational performance indicators (EPIs) examine course and qualification completions, overall and first year retention rates and progression to higher levels of study. The measures assess performance throughout 2016,  the most recent complete academic year. Otago vice-chancellor Prof Harlene Hayne said Otago  had always "rated very highly" in the TEC’s annual educational performance indicators.

But to rank top in every indicator was "an unprecedented achievement" and a "stellar" result for Otago.

Otago results in 2016 TEC performance measures:

Student progression rate to higher level study (96%, all universities 90%).

• First-year retention rate (84%, 78%).

• Overall student retention (90%, 85% ).

• Qualification completion rate (85%, 79%).

• Qualification completion rate, cohort-based (73%, 65%).

• Course completion rate (89%, 86%).

This is the best overall outcome for Otago University, compared with the country’s other universities, since the first such comparative results were released.


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