Call to honour 1945 pledge made to veterans

The commitment made to returned service personnel at the end of World War 2 ''remains as valid now as it was in 1945'', Montecillo Veterans' Home and Hospital Trust chairman said yesterday.

David More addressed more than 150 people who gathered for the Anzac Day service at the veterans' home and hospital.

The pledge made by Prime Minister Peter Fraser ''must be extended to all service personnel in wars and deployments subsequent to World War 2''.

''We owe it to all our veterans to ensure that their needs are met,'' Mr More said.

It was regrettable the Veterans' Support Bill, which will replace the War Pensions Act 1954, was changed during the select committee stage.

''As originally drafted, the purpose of the Bill was to provide entitlements for eligible veterans who serve or who have served in the armed forces.''

However, this had been amended so only those members of the armed forces who suffered service-related injuries or illness would be eligible for entitlements.

Montecillo chief executive Fred Daniel said the rest-home, which had 44 residents, was ''100% full, all the time''.

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