Vice-chancellor calls hui on safety of women

Photo: ODT files
Photo: ODT files
University of Otago vice chancellor Professor Hayne has invited all female residential assistants to a special hui today to discuss the safety of women in residential halls.

The news comes in the wake of claims that multiple students at Knox College were sexually assaulted, and after a scandal around inappropriate traditions broke in Selwyn College last year.

A spokeswoman said the purpose of the "hui wahine" was to discuss sexual safety practices within residential colleges with the women leaders who lived in the colleges.

"The hui was called by the vice-chancellor and she will actively facilitate the discussion. 

"The hui will provide a safe environment, where women can share anything in complete trust and confidence.  You will understand that this is a private event where confidentiality for those who participate is crucial.”

Around 150 RAs live in the colleges as supervisors and support staff, and about 3500  students live in the colleges.

A statement from Prof Hayne is expected later today.



Should also meet with the male assistants. They need to understand the problems and figure out, with their female colleagues, what they're going to do. They can bring insights about what's going through the minds of young men, and can probably have more influence on them. Still, a Lysistrata-like 'strike' might be effective...