Carpark typo ‘like that "No Regerts" ad on TV all over again’

Dunedin students Jamee Jenkins and Matthew Davis have been left puzzled by a misspelled parking...
Dunedin students Jamee Jenkins and Matthew Davis have been left puzzled by a misspelled parking sign outside their block of flats in Forth St. Photo: Gregor Richardson
A humble newspaper should probably not be pointing a finger at the misspelling of words in a bubbling metropolis of academia — we all make mistakes.

But this one is a doozie, and it has left students and academics with mixed feelings, ranging from laughter to utter embarrassment.

A large, off-street carpark outside a block of Dunedin student flats in Forth St has a space set aside for a service vehicle, labelled "Service Vihicles Only".

Yes, you read that right.

Flat occupants Jamee Jenkins, 20, of Northland, and Matthew Davis, 19, of Central Otago, thought the sign was hilarious and it showed these sign writers should have spent more time in school.

"It’s like that ‘No Regerts’ ad on TV all over again," Mr Davis said.

"It’s not a one-man job to paint a sign — you’d think someone would have noticed."

Miss Jenkins said it had been there since the start of the year and was painted after the carpark was resealed.

"Most people wouldn’t notice it because there’s usually a van parked there.

"It is quite funny, but it’s a sad indictment."

The block of flats is co-owned by Trister Developments Ltd and Chris James.

Attempts to contact them failed.

It is not the first time road markers have come under the spotlight.

In 2020, photos emerged of a fresh white line painted over a squashed possum on an Auckland road.

And just two months ago, West Auckland locals were nearly driven around the bend when a sign writer painted "bus sotp" in bright yellow letters at a Te Atatū Rd bus stop.

Unusually, it became a tourist attraction for the short time it was there, with people coming from around the area to photograph themselves with the sign.

Resident Shane Callaghan said when he saw the bright yellow letters of the sign for the first time on Facebook, he thought it was a joke.

"I thought ‘Oh, someone's done a Photoshop, nobody could be that dumb’, but it's there. I've seen it myself."

The mistake was quickly repaired by Auckland Transport at the contractor's expense.