Child sex offender breached supervision order 22 times

Kristian Glanville (aka Christopher Roche) was yesterday sentenced in the Dunedin District Court...
Kristian Glanville (aka Christopher Roche) was yesterday sentenced in the Dunedin District Court to 19 months’ imprisonment for his 22nd breach of an extended supervision order. PHOTO: FELICITY DEAR
A child sex offender has ironically breached an order condition he says he requested, a court has heard.

Kristian Glanville (aka Christopher Roche), 44, appeared in the Dunedin District Court yesterday after pleading guilty to four breaches of an extended supervision order.

An extended supervision order is a measure used to monitor and manage only the most high-risk offenders, and Glanville was subject to it for 14 years.

The court heard over a month the man twice watched adult pornography and admitted using methamphetamine and cannabis.

Counsel John Westgate said his client had asked the parole board to impose a condition "not to access pornography or social media".

Glanville attempted to hide his offending from Probation by providing "non-human" urine for a drug test.

He later admitted the breach and stated he used the drugs because he was "feeling hopeless and without support".

When Probation checked his phone they found two explicit videos in his photo library before it shut itself off and reverted to factory settings.

Judge David Robinson said that left him to draw the inference the defendant had remotely accessed his phone and reset it to hide the pornography he had accessed.

"What is concerning is you appear to take no responsibility for the breaches of the abstinence condition", Judge Robinson said.

The court heard this offending marked Glanville’s 22nd breach of his extended supervision order, of which he had four years left.

The judge said Glanville had shown "no real response to numerous sentences" that were previously imposed for his breaches.

The court heard he had already received two written warnings for loitering near a park and failing to charge his electronic monitoring equipment.

Stuff reported that between 1993 and 2002 Glanville (then Christopher Roche) was given three separate jail sentences for offences including unlawful sexual connection and indecent assault on boys, some of whom were under 12.

In 2021 the defendant received a prison sentence for possessing objectionable material.

"You knew the risk, and despite that you had accessed pornography", Judge Robinson said.

Yesterday, Glanville was sentenced to 19 months’ imprisonment.

The extended supervision order will continue once he is released. , PIJF court reporter