Caravan burgled in Brockville

A daytime burglar relieved a Dunedin caravan of some speakers yesterday.

Sergeant Tony Ritchie, of Dunedin, said an offender broke into a caravan parked in a Wray St property before taking the speakers.

Also reported to police this week was the theft of 70L of fuel from a vehicle parked in a commercial premises in Kaikorai Valley Rd, sometime between Saturday and Monday, Sgt Ritchie said.

Earlier this month, police urged the public to be extra vigilant in protecting fuel tanks and bowsers, after a spate of fuel thefts in Southern rural areas.

Five fuel thefts since September involved fuel being stolen from tanks on properties in Alexandra, Kurow, Waitaki Bridge, Palmerston and Hedgehope.

A sixth theft targeted two diggers parked on a work site in, Union St, Milton, which were siphoned of about 250 litres of fuel between October 1 and 2.

Police offered the following security advice:

  •     Ensure tanks are locked securely.
  •     Install cameras, motion sensor lighting, driveway sensors and systems to send an alert if fuel has been removed from bowsers.
  •     Lock boundary gates at night, remove keys from farm vehicles, and store them out of sight.
  •     Station dogs next to fuel tanks.
  •     Keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles.

Dunedin police (03) 471-4800, Crimestoppers 0800-555-111.

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