Celebration ended in drunken ‘pack’ attack on two women

A family's boozy birthday celebrations ended in a brawl in the Octagon captured on CCTV, a court has heard.

Three of those sentenced said they were so drunk they could not remember the 3.20am ruckus on September 9.

But fortunately, Judge Michael Crosbie said, CCTV had perfect recall and showed precisely what happened.

He viewed the tape, which showed the four defendants attacking two people and delivering multiple punches and kicks, and said it should act as a warning for other revellers.

"It also allows me to say to the general community who are out celebrating to that hour of the day that there is really good coverage by CCTV in the centre of town, and that should act as a deterrent if the threat of court proceedings and convictions does not," the judge said.

Ripeka Whakarata Te Moananui (22), pleaded guilty to two counts of assault with intent to injure, S’Vania Alleen Te Moananui (21) to injuring with intent to injure, Pri-Anne Michelle Te Moananui (28) to assault with intent to injure and James Jeffrey Hindle (30) to assault.

"Your intoxication got to the point where you lost control and you behaved as a pack," Judge Crosbie said.

"And I use the word ‘pack’ because that’s what it appears as when you see the CCTV."

The incident began with a verbal spat between the parties but quickly became physical outside the Dunedin Public Art Gallery where Ripeka and Pri-Anne pushed one victim before the latter punched her in the face.

Hindle told police he had tried to break up the fight but the judge said the footage made him "look nothing like the peacemaker".

He pushed the same woman twice.

S’vania Te Moananui punched one of the victims while she was on the ground and later kicked her several times.

Ripeka Te Moananui was the only defendant facing two charges because she attacked both women, one of whom she kicked and stomped on as she struggled on the ground.

The fracas was only halted when members of the public intervened.

One victim suffered a sprained ankle, bruises to her body, a split lip and a black eye, while the other had facial bruising and had several clumps of hair pulled out.

The judge accepted all four defendants were remorseful. Some only realised the extent of their involvement when they were shown the CCTV, the court heard.

"The Octagon and that area is a great place ... but as much as it’s a great place, it should be a safe place," Judge Crosbie said.

"Dunedin, especially at the moment, is enjoying a really strong tourist industry; not just cruise ships, people come here from everywhere.

"I would imagine you would want your friends and relatives when they’re out enjoying themselves to feel safe in the Octagon, Princes St and George St as well."

Police prosecutor Adrian Cheyne assured the court Dunedin’s liquor-licensing sergeant would follow up with the establishments that had served the defendants that night.

S’Vania Te Moananui was sentenced to seven months’ home detention, Ripeka Te Moananui to five months’ home detention, Pri-Anne Te Moananui to four months’ community detention and nine months’ supervision, and Hindle to two months’ community detention and 100 hours’ community work.

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