Grave error: Police deployed to golf course after sub-par prank

Looking south at Chisholm Links, Dunedin. Photo: Gregor Richardson.
Looking south at Chisholm Links, Dunedin. Photo: Gregor Richardson.
A lockdown prank had unsuspecting members of the public thinking they'd discovered a grave at a Dunedin golf course.

Senior Sergeant Craig Dinnissen said police were called to Chisholm Golf Course in Tahuna at 10.50am yesterday, after members of the public reported a suspicious grave shaped area of disturbed dirt with a small white cross sticking out of it near the third hole tee off.

''Enquires revealed it was fill dumped by the greenskeeper and someone playing a prank adding a cross.''

Meanwhile, police are still dealing with numerous reports of people breaching lockdown rules by partying and having numerous cars coming and going from addresses.

At 7.30pm on Thursday, police stopped a car in Maitland St that was driving with no lights on. The 20-year-old male driver said he was driving intoxicated friends home.

He was found to have no licence.

At 9.30pm the same night, two people in a parked car were spoken to in Magnet St after they were found to be from separate bubbles. They were warned and sent home.

People heading to Dunedin beaches have also continued to cause trouble.

Two people in a car were spoken to at Brighton Beach.

The driver stated he drove from Dunedin as his car battery was going flat, plus he needed coffee. The two occupants did not live together.

People having lunch in John Wilson Drive were also sent home, as was a surfer at Smaills Beach.

''Police will continue to visit and will educate those that are confused by the term 'your bubble','' Snr Sgt Dinnissen said.

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