Oval searched after alleged theft

A man has been caught by police after allegedly stealing from a Dunedin Hunting and Fishing store before fleeing on foot this afternoon.

A police spokeswoman said they were called about 2pm to reports a man had stolen stock from the Hunting and Fishing store in Crawford St.

An informant told police the man allegedly fled the store before running down the street to the nearby Oval sports ground and disappearing into some bushes.

Shortly after, several police cars were deployed from Dunedin Central Police Station and raced south to converge on the area where they searched for two men, as other officers interviewed staff.

About half an hour later, police apprehended two men near the Oval on the Andersons Bay Rd side.

The spokeswoman said one man had been taken to the station for questioning, and charges would follow.

There was no word on the nature of the items stolen from the hunting store, nor whether the other man being spoken to by police was an accomplice to the alleged theft.

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