Police scanners used to broadcast South Dunedin party to cops

Police thought their night would get quieter after confiscating two police scanners from a group of South Dunedin party-goers, only to be proven wrong when their voices came over the radio again.

Senior Sergeant Anthony Bond, of Dunedin, said police went to an address in Melbourne St at 3am on Sunday after experiencing radio interference throughout the night by members of the public using police scanners.

Police successfully applied for and conducted a search warrant at the address of a 48-year-old woman who was throwing a party with friends.

The search initially ended with two police scanners being handed over to officers without any issues, however, as police left the property more radio interference started to take place.

Officers re-entered the property and detained all the party-goers, searched the property again where one more scanner was found.

The woman was arrested and charged for the offensive use of a telephone.