Council gets ticking off over bill

Margaret van Zyl
Margaret van Zyl
Margaret  van Zyl is still waiting for her money.

The Mosgiel pensioner turned up at the Dunedin City Council's infrastructure and networks committee meeting yesterday to voice her displeasure during the public forum.

She was upset by the council's continuing practice of adding fluoride to drinking water, in line with Ministry of Health guidelines.

And she was also upset at the council's decision to switch the source of Mosgiel's water from an untreated bore to the city's fluoridated supply in December, following public health advice.

But, most of all, she was miffed by the council's refusal to pay for the $240 water filter she bought and had installed after Mosgiel's water supply changed.

Sue Bidrose
Sue Bidrose

Mrs van Zyl told yesterday's meeting she had sent the bill the council, but received a response from council chief executive Sue Bidrose declining to cover the cost.

Not good enough, Mrs van Zyl told councillors.

``I expect to be paid. Your cheque, I hope, will be in the post.''



Mrs van Zyl Is typical of the anti fluoride lot. They think that because they dont want it, there should be a special dispensation for them.
I wonder what they will do about the natural fluoride levels found in all things. Complain to a higher power to stop it. Good luck with that
And as for untreated bore water, that is a disaster waiting to happen, Look at what has happened in other communities in N.Z with that water source.
Community Water fluoridation at .7MG/Litre is no danger to human health, and has been added for the last 70 odd years without any Proven medical problems. If there was, they would be all over the Media by now ,but we see nothing of consequence, only opinion and suspicion. No proven research that is conclusive