It'll cost more to dump your rubbish

The cost of taking rubbish to the landfill is set to rise by 25%. Photo: ODT files
The cost of taking rubbish to the landfill is set to rise by 25%. Photo: ODT files

Fees for Dunedin residents taking waste to city landfills is set to rise by 25% as the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) forces prices up.

The change will mean a large carload will increase from $36 to $45, and a van, ute or car with trailer with a large load from $72 to $91.

Dunedin City Council solid waste manager Catherine Irvine said while 4% was a council rise, the rest was down to the ETS.

The ETS was established in 2008 as New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme.

It puts a price on greenhouse gas emissions, providing an incentive for people to reduce emissions and plant forests to absorb CO2 . Certain sectors acquire and surrender credits to account for their greenhouse gas emissions.

Since 2009, ETS participants have only had to surrender one credit for every two tonnes of emissions, instead of two credits, as a ‘‘transitional measure’’.

The obligation to surrender just 50% of the set number of credits increased to 67% in January this year, will increase to 83% next January, and 100% in 2019.

A report in the draft 10-year plan said inert materials such as rubble and vegetation loads would not attract ETS costs.

Fees for those materials had been decreased in some cases.


For something already run as a profit making exercise this a bit much and no doubt illegal dumping will sky rocket. As a stroke sufferer on a disability allowance using the tip is already un-affordable and I suspect there are many many others in the same boat, especially when the proposed rates increases are added on top.