Licence plate recognition mooted for Dunedin parking

Photo: Newsline
Photo: Newsline
A camera system that recognises vehicle licence plates could be used in Dunedin to influence parking patterns.

The Dunedin City Council is looking to procure a system to assist parking monitoring and planning.

This could be a licence plate recognition system or something similar, the council signalled in an advance notice to the contracting market this month.

"The information gained will be used to help us manage and prioritise parking across the city, identify parking issues, help us develop business cases and design transport projects," the council said.

"We need a system that can be easily deployed to monitor areas of parking and report on occupancy, duration and turnover," the council said.

The council said it aimed to upgrade the city’s parking technology and explore how new technology could be part of "an integrated transport monitoring system".

"The data must be retained in a way that complies with relevant privacy obligations and it should be possible to anonymise any information gathered."

An open-market process is expected to be run this year.

There have also been indications such a system could be used to monitor traffic speeds.

It might also provide information about journey routes and travel times.

The council indicated it was open to using the technology to support wider management of the transport network.

It could be integrated with other transport technology.