Vandervis told by mayor he was embarrassing himself

A Dunedin city councillor was advised to stop embarrassing himself yesterday.

During a discussion about Three Waters reform, Cr Lee Vandervis tried to start a spat with Ngai Tahu representative Gabrielle Huria, who had referred to the desirability of equity of access to safe drinking water.

Cr Lee Vandervis.
Cr Lee Vandervis.

Relying on a Wikipedia definition of equity as "ownership of assets", Cr Vandervis said equity of access was a concept that made no sense.

Another meaning for equity, in the Collins English Dictionary, is "the quality of being fair".

Dunedin Mayor Aaron Hawkins said equity of access was a concept understood by councillors.

"Councillor, you’re embarrassing yourself," he told Cr Vandervis.

Cr Vandervis also raised concerns about ownership of water assets under the Government’s reform agenda and a more prominent planned role for iwi.

He challenged Ms Huria: "Why would we give our assets — billions of dollars’ worth — to you, when we’re happy with what we’ve got?"

Ms Huria said Ngai Tahu did not want ownership of water infrastructure.

Councils would collectively own assets intended to be run by regional water entities under the planned reforms, she said.

Her comment about equity of access was about some villages being connected to services and others not, she explained.




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Let's get real here - the use of the word "equity" is designed to produce confusion in the reader/listener. Most assume it means the same as "equality". The speaker is relying on you not understanding the difference. They are in fact not the same. Any time you hear someone use the word "equity", take heed young traveller.

I watched this AV meeting and I felt embarrassed for the city. It may be okay to cross-examine staff presenting reports to Councillors. Such scrutiny is part of Councillors' jobs and being subjected to it within reason is something the staff signed up for. But Public Forum speakers are members of the public who Standing Orders require to be treated with respect. I think Public Forum speakers often have the status of guests and it reflects badly on the city when guests are not treated with courtesy. Since an important part of the role of mayor is ceremonial and involves welcoming guests and embodying the standards of civil behaviour expected in this city, a city of culture and learning, I think Cr Vandervis has once again demonstrated his unfitness to be mayor. Anyone with any doubts watch the first part of this AV meeting ( on Youtube) at Public Forum where Cr Vandervis insists that he knows better what the speaker means than she does herself. I am glad no-one called a Point of Order on this ( which would have been justified) because it allows observers to see for themselves just how abysmal Cr Vandervis' manners are.

That example of a good councillor tells why he is a top polling politician and the other head shakers and the mayor should be totally ashhamed of themselves!

Who would ever enter into dialogue with someone so lacking in manners, empathy and patience. The man is a total liability, always has been, always will be. In an election where a greater percentage of residents voted, he would be first off. He is always on the wrong side of history.

Some people are so woke they cannot recognise the truth when they see or hear it. Lee Vandervis keeps getting re-elected because people know he will speak the truth. Equity is not to be imposed by local government or national government or we will have some groups enjoying more "equity" than the others!

Lee's pretty woke to the real meaning of "equity" and it being used disingenuously isn't he

Vandervis keeps getting elected because the electorate is ignorant and easily lead.

"Equity (as a) Financial (term)
In finance, equity is ownership of assets that may have debts or other liabilities attached to them. Equity is measured for accounting purposes by subtracting liabilities from the value of the assets"
We keep being told that words are important and then we are told 'this is my meaning of that word', respect that !
No wonder tensions keep growing !
We no longer speak the same language, even when using the same words !

That's too funny! The mayor telling somebody they are embarrassing themself. Hello, Aaron...well will the clue bird land buddy?

Given Hawkins performance I would be surprised if he knew what day of the week it was never mind the meaning of equity. Of course in New Zealand the amount equity you receive depends on who you are!

Aaron might want to look in the mirror eh?

What really is embarrassing is the amount of ratepayer money wasted on painted circles and plastic stars. When our water supply was substandard by more than a country mile.

Lee Vandervis is typically rude & disrespectful in the way he talks to the guest & that was wrong of him, but I’m totally on board with his concerns. The 3 Waters legislation is fundamentally a Trojan horse for Iwi to gain an undemocratic, controlling & unpaid for so-called “co-governance” interest in council assets. The guest speaker is disingenuous & certainly not telling the true story when she claims it’s about getting clean drinking water to a few “villages”.

Yes I agree with Ray in saying Lee Vandervis just says it as it is, (straight up honest guy and that's why the Dunedin locals get him elected because he says what they want said. That Dunedin Mayor is totally inexperienced for doing the Mayor job, he is in the clouds and the real truth is that Dunedin City is much the poorer in having him in that job.

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