Hands working to make many lights

Photo: Linda Robertson
Photo: Linda Robertson
Olive Johannessen (4) patiently continues her work at a lantern-making workshop at Dunedin North Intermediate School (DNI) at the weekend.

This lantern was one of many being made to use at the  Dunedin Midwinter Carnival lantern procession on the evening of Saturday, June 30. Olive’s father, Glenn Erik Johannessen, said the 90-minute workshop session "fills in the weekend and it’s fun for the kids — they love it".

Also helping with lantern-making on Saturday were her mother Fiona Johannessen and her siblings Salma (8) and Phoebe (7), the latter of Opoho School.

One of the workshop organisers, Tania Bracey-Brown, said about 70 lanterns were being made at the series of workshop sessions at DNI, and more than 100 people were expected to take part.

The workshop was a "lovely" event for all concerned and was "really rewarding for the kids, as well". 

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