From left field: James Noksie

Reporter Shawn McAvinue puts the hard questions to comedian James Noksie, performing in this year's Dunedin Fringe Festival.

What skill could you pass on to offspring? The ability to talk yourself out of a fight.

In their prime, which Michael would win an arm-wrestle - Jackson or J. Fox? J. Fox.

If you had to perform a dance routine to enter the Pearly Gates, what song would you ask St Peter to play? MC Hammer's 2 legit 2 quit.

Most unusual animal you've ridden? A St Bernard dog.

Most surprising place you've woken up? In the wrong city - I gigged in London and woke up in Brighton.

What job have you resigned from without having secured another job? A tax executive for the Inland Revenue Department.


  • The comedy 
    Let's Talk About the Golliwogs starts tonight at Ombrellos and ends on Saturday.


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