Nine councillors seeking to oust Hobbs

 Marian Hobbs. Photo: ODT files
Marian Hobbs. Photo: ODT files
Nine Otago regional councillors have put their names to a move to oust chairwoman Marian Hobbs.

An extraordinary meeting will be held on July 8 to determine whether Ms Hobbs should be removed from the role.

It has been revealed Ms Hobbs asked Environment Minister David Parker if he might bring in a commissioner if she lost a key vote. A clash with Federated Farmers is another prominent factor in the call for her to go.

A letter signed by nine councillors requesting the meeting was sent to council chief executive Sarah Gardner today.

The councillors who signed it are: Hilary Calvert, Kevin Malcolm, Michael Deaker, Andrew Noone, Gretchen Robertson, Carmen Hope, Gary Kelliher, Kate Wilson and Michael Laws.

Crs Alexa Forbes and Bryan Scott and Ms Hobbs did not sign it.

Ms Hobbs has said she will not stand aside before the meeting.

If Ms Hobbs is deposed, a replacement for her could be elected by a majority of councillors at the meeting.



Hobbs was a poor choice in the first place, she has acted like a dictator. Another failed labour politician making a mess of local politics.

Take note Mayor Hawkins

To be fair Hobbs should not have even been elected. She has no relationship with Otago and is just another ex-labour MP looking to local government as a job opportunity. Getting elected proves the thin veneer of substance in the current mob except Calvert and Noone, that and the lefties will vote for anyone on their team despite suitability.

Don't tell us what your going to do, do it! Set the precedence and send the clown back to the circus already!