ORC expected to approve bus changes today

An altered Dunedin peninsula bus service has passed over its last speed bump.

At a meeting today, the Otago Regional Council is expected to accept a commissioner's recommendation to make small alterations to the Otago Peninsula route.

The council decided in June to make alterations to the service based on public fears for the safety of pupils.

However, legal advice stated the council would still have to undertake ''targeted consultation'' with the community.

The council requested submissions and received 188 in favour and eight against.

Independent commissioner David Benham held a hearing last week in which five supportive submitters spoke.

His advice recommending the changes be adopted were released by the council this week.

The alterations are one bus leaving Portobello 10 minutes earlier at 7.47am on weekdays, and the addition of an extra bus at 3.08pm.

There would be route variations for these buses to drop children closer to certain schools.

A council addendum created in August noted the amendments would create inconsistency in timing because of the changes in route throughout the day.

Councillors initially decided in March to not change the route, based on a staff recommendation.

However they eventually bowed to constant pressure from the peninsula community, which included a 960-signature petition.



And just how many hours and hours of volunteer time and staff time plus their hundred of dollars of salary for a service that should have been well planned in the first place. The ORC staff did not get it right and the council approved it without questioning or investigating. This inefficiency is wide spread and must stop. It's our money not the ORC's they are wasting.