The PMT Club roars into life

Octogenarian Alison Tofield (left) reflects  on heading  to Waihola as part of the regular...
Octogenarian Alison Tofield (left) reflects on heading to Waihola as part of the regular Pensioner Motorcycle Trips (PMT Club) cruise. Her driver Jenny Longstaff is next to her. Photo by Dan Hutchinson.
The roar of big bikes and leather-clad figures descending on Waihola this week could only mean one thing - it must be pension day.

The PMT (Pensioner Motorcycle Trips) Club has seen retired Dunedin folk heading out on the highways on a monthly basis.

Those spoken to yesterday could not remember exactly when they started doing the runs but somewhere between four and six years seemed to be the consensus.

Octogenarian and active motorcyclist Ron Gilbert said there were no rules in the club because ''pensioners don't like rules'', with one exception.

''It is on the first Tuesday [of the month on] pension day, so we can all afford to buy lunch.''

Some people ride motorcycles, others arrive in cars. Most were past or present members of the Otago Motorcycle Club, Bill Veitch, of McIver and Veitch Motorcycles, said.

He said some of the riders had been competitive motorcyclists at some stage; others were widows of motorcyclists and still enjoyed the social contacts.

Another octogenarian, Alison Tofield, loves nothing better than a motorcycle ride every now and then, as well as the social contact it affords.

Her husband, George Tofield, a well-known member of the motorcycle and vintage vehicle scene in Dunedin, died 10 years ago.

''I don't go out very often on a bike now. I don't ride myself.''

Her friend Jenny Longstaff - too young to be a member of the PMT Club herself - took Mrs Tofield as a pillion passenger to Waihola this week.

That pales in comparison to their last adventure together when the pair toured Turkey, with Mrs Tofield as the pillion passenger.

George Bartlett (74) also enjoys the runs and would be one of the more experienced riders in Dunedin with more than 60 years' experience under his belt.


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