Port sheds coming down as part of asbestos-free goal

Contractors remove the roof of Port Otago sheds in Fryatt St. Photo: Stephen Jaquiery
Contractors remove the roof of Port Otago sheds in Fryatt St. Photo: Stephen Jaquiery
Workers are taking great care to stop carcinogens spreading as they dismantle the asbestos-ridden Fryatt St sheds.

Contractors are busy at the harbourside site removing the roofs of the buildings as part of a $3 million Port Otago operation.

It is part of its goal of becoming asbestos-free, which will also involve the demolition of two other buildings it owns.

Port Otago civil engineer Andy Pullar said contractors the ATL Group took many precautions to ensure its workers and the public were not at risk.

"All their face masks are all face fitted, and they all need to be clean-shaven. This is all under WorkSafe’s code of practice, which is pretty heavy going."

Devices were placed around the site to test if asbestos had spread in the air.

Barriers were erected around the site, and a PVA glue solution or water was applied to asbestos-containing materials, which would not be broken where possible.

The care needed was the reason for the cost of the programme, he said.

"If this was just a standard shed, it would be quarter of the price probably."

Contractors were starting to remove timber purlins and put them in hazardous-waste bins, after which they would be taken to the Burnside landfill.

Once all asbestos was cleared from the site, a demolition company would come in to finish the job.

The work began on October 19 and was expected to be completed in late February or March.

Earlier this week, a black-backed gull nest was noticed on the roofs of one of the sheds.

Mr Pullar said he would "need to ask" what the protocol was for removing them.


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