Woodhouse vows to keep Labour honest

Dunedin National MP Michael Woodhouse is promising to hold Labour to account over the Dunedin Hospital rebuild.

Mr Woodhouse told the South Today he was slowly getting used to being in opposition and felt for some of his Wellington staff, who had "effectively lost their jobs as a result of this".

He and the rest of the National Party would need to quickly  "get back in the game" and be a strong opposition, which he said was one of the foundations of good democracy.

He had congratulated both Clare Curran and David Clark and said it was good to have Dunedin represented in Cabinet.

He would now be focused on holding them to account, particularly Dr Clark over the promises he had made about Dunedin Hospital.

"I've got a good memory, I've got a good dossier of those commitments and I'll be reminding him of them every step of the way.

"When he trips up, he can be sure I'll be there."


Michael who?

Where was this guy before? He sure didn't do much for Dunedin when he was a member of Government. Just full of... wind.

Why do the Nats have to be insulting at every opportunity? So noticeable on Facebook comments. Here's hoping they learn how much more can be achieved without this time wasting trend.

Oh, the irony!! A National Party politician offering to keep Labour honest. After the debacle they made of health services (and of stripping the SDHB's constituents of their democratically elected representatives on the board), I don't think National has a leg to stand on when it comes to hassling another party about hospital rebuilds, or anything else for that matter. And, promising to "be there" when David Clark trips up - how negative can you get? National had the chance for NINE years to make things better for all of New Zealand, but they chose to look after only certain sections of society. They lost their moral mandate to sit in judgement on anyone else trying to clean up their mess.