Govt promises 500 more frontline cops

The government says it is providing funding for 500 more frontline police officers in today's Budget.

Associate Police Minister Casey Costello said in a press release the 500 officers would be in place by the end of 2025 to help reduce crime and improve public safety,

She said the Budget included $191 million over four years to fund the recruitment and retention of the officers, and $34.6 million in capital to ensure that they are properly equipped to do their jobs.

“We are serious about restoring law and order and that starts with having more police on the beat to deter crime and catch offenders,” Ms Costello says. 

“We want New Zealanders to feel safe and be safe in their communities and we need to tackle what has been a significant increase in serious crime.”

“The $191 million is for recruitment, training and remuneration along with other operating costs,” Ms Costello says.

“Police officers also need to have the right tools to do their jobs and the $34.6 million capital provides for vehicles, equipment such as body armour and police station investment.

“The 500 extra police officers in the first two years of our government is a priority in the New Zealand First-National coalition agreement and this funding boost will help us deliver on our commitment to law and order.

Police reviewed more than 6000 records. Photo: RNZ
The government says it is providing funding for 500 more frontline police officers in today's Budget. File photo
“It is expected that the funding will go towards increasing Police presence in communities, improving responsiveness to emergency calls, addressing serious youth crime, and preventing gang intimidation.”

When the government was sworn into office on November 27, 2023, there were 10,211 sworn officers. The extra funding is to increase police constabulary numbers to 10,711.

“This is a significant and real increase and comes on top of the extra money for Police cost pressures announced in today’s Budget by Police Minister Mark Mitchell.

“Police officers do a great job, and the Government is backing the Police with more funding, more officers and the tools to keep the public safe,” Ms Costello says.