Keen on status quo

Confirmation a flag referendum would be held during the next parliamentary term prompted an immediate response yesterday from at least one flag-waving loyalist.

New Zealand flags made by Adams Flags have been flown on top of Mt Everest and in the Antarctic and remain the company's biggest seller.

Co-owner Richelle Adams said Mr Key's announcement prompted a customer who had never flown a flag before to buy one, ''as he does not want the flag to change''.

Nor did she think the silver fern - Mr Key's personal preference - was the flag people wanted.

''We are not that fussed on it as an official flag, as the fern itself is not endemic to us. And being a black flag, some people don't like it.''

Mrs Adams said the flag-maker regularly produced customers' own versions of how the New Zealand flag should look and ''we have seen some great designs''.

She preferred a colourful ''iconic'' flag like Canada's.

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