Results detail spending

Overseas visitors travelling in camper vans are more likely to pay for camp sites than New Zealanders in camper vans.

A report to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment by consultants Covec shows ''domestic'' camper-van occupants spend 75% of their nights in paid sites and international occupants spent 89% in paid sites.

The figure for domestic camper-van occupants included nights spent on properties owned by friends or relatives.

The main results of the 2011 study into the spending patterns and behaviour of camper-van tourists were reported by the Otago Daily Times in December and showed this segment of the tourism market was worth $547.2 million to New Zealand each year.

However, the study also provides detailed information about how camper-van occupants spent their time and money at a local level.

The average adult international camper-van occupant spent $4359 during their 20-day trip to New Zealand and hired a van for 16 of those days.

Of their total spending, $1311 went on van hire, $523 on international air fares, $502 on attractions and activities, $338 on groceries, $324 on food and beverage, $298 on fuel, $283 on site fees, $251 on retail, $246 on accommodation, $185 on other transport, $79 on domestic airfares and $18 on ''other''. The average spend per adult per night was $194 for New Zealanders and $204 for international visitors.

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