Train driver killed

The Karitane home for children at Anderson's Bay, Dunedin. - Otago Witness, 21.5.1919
The Karitane home for children at Anderson's Bay, Dunedin. - Otago Witness, 21.5.1919
Taihape, May 15: Another fatal accident occurred on the railway north of Taihape late last night.

The goods train that should arrive at Taihape at 8.30 usually draws into the siding at Ngaurukehu to allow the express to pass, but, as it was late last night, the express passed at Hihitahi. The goods train followed, and when going down the incline to Gardner's siding it got beyond control.

The driver whistled for the brakes, but no brake acting followed, and the train carried along at a terrific pace past Gardner's siding, and was going at 60 to 70 miles an hour when Ngaurukehu was reached. It rushed through the station, rocking dangerously, and continued to increase in velocity till its estimated pace was at the rate of 100 miles an hour.

Three miles south of Ngaurukehu the engine left the rails, and the trucks banked up, some mounting the high bank of the cutting, where they remain perched.

The train comprised 35 trucks, composed of coal, timber, and sundries. The engine lies on the side of the line. Some of the trucks leapt over the wreckage, and are two chains past where the engine lies.

The locality is an indescribable scene of wreckage. The engine-driver, who was severely scalded, was brought to Taihape, where he died this morning. The fireman was also badly scalded, and now lies in a critical condition. The guard is suffering from severe shock. No passengers were on board.

Lane's emulsion milestone

It is a relief after four years of war to be able to apply the word ''million'' to statistics of peaceful commercial propress, especially when it relates to a local business (says the Oamaru Mail).

Twenty years ago Mr E. Lane commenced singlehanded the commercial manufacture of the now famous Lane's emulsion. He recently celebrated with his staff of eight the production of the millionth bottle.

The day's make is now twice as much as it was for the whole of the first year, and a sum varying from 75 to 100 is expended monthly upon eggs.

Arterial roads scheme

One of the largest and most representative meetings of local body representatives ever held in Dunedin took place yesterday afternoon, when a conference convened by the Otago Motor Club to discuss the question of modern road-construction was held.

The president of the Motor Club (Mr A. E. Ansell) presided, and he was warmly congratulated by many speakers on bringing the matter forward. A resolution approving of arterial roads being constructed on modern lines was adopted.

A committee was also set up to formulate a scheme to be submitted to local bodies in Otago.

Walnuts scarce

The Banks Peninsula walnuts this year are a failure once more. The blight that has been so much in evidence for several years past is still prevalent, and its effects in many places have been disastrous.

Well-grown trees, that would, under normal circumstances, have produced four or five sacks of healthy nuts, are, this season, scarcely worth threshing.

- ODT, 16.5.1919


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