Letters to Editor: ORC, Aurora, nurses

Today's Letters to the Editor from readers cover topics including the ORC, Aurora, and New Zealand nurses

Required reading for government ministers

Otago Regional Council (ORC) has notified its Regional Policy Statement (RPS), the instrument to frame a policy to manage Otago’s natural environment. (ODT 2.4.24). Critically, regional plans, such as the important land and water will align with this.

This is a brave and sensible move and backed by Otago’s Labour MPs. Because this was supported by the previous government and a deadline set by David Parker, there is some spoiling tactics in the mix by the current government minister Ms Simmonds and Federated Farmers who seem to want any formal protection of our environmental assets to drag on as per usual.

The excuse is that the government are instituting a new national policy statement for freshwater management (NPSFM) and everything from regional councils should be put on hold — perhaps until December 31 2027.

It is time to reconsider our natural resources as "commons", that is a resource for all of society to share and cherish. Presently, the farming industry spokespeople are doing their constituents no favours by their stance and the government are disrespecting those public servants, groups and individuals in Otago who have done so much to try and protect and enhance our natural environment.

Can I suggest that government ministers and advisors read Dr Seuss’ The Lorax before writing new resource management plans.

David Blair

Port Chalmers


Round of applause

We must applaud Dunedin's Labour MPs’ support of Otago Regional Council's action of protecting Otago's waterways (ODT, 2.4.24). The council had, over five years, collected evidence on which their decision was based. The move was supported by environment groups in the face of Ms Simmonds, Environment Minister, disregarding her recommendation that ORC awaits the government's national direction.

Federated Farmers called the decision "a disaster". For whom? No-one died or was harmed in any way. Federated Farmers should cease using emotive language when it comes to policies and decisions they may disapprove of.

One would not call a reduction in farmers’ water usage a disaster. For the majority of us, it means that further water abstraction and agricultural pollution will be limited, rivers flow true and nitrification of groundwater ends.

Jim Powell



The cost, and the rest

The stated cost of implementing and rebranding the University of Otago logo (ODT 3.4.24) is both inaccurate and naive. Looking at the decision from a purely marketing standpoint the true cost of a rebrand must include the negative and positive impacts over the period it takes for a new logo to be accepted by stakeholders.

As shown by the feedback the current logo is very powerful, meaningful and important to current stakeholders. To understand the value of a strong logo think McDonald’s and Mitre 10. The true cost of the rebrand is the $1.3 million quoted, plus between $20m-$30m negative reaction to the brand, and a recovery period of 10- 20 years.

From a marketing perspective the decision to change the logo is a disastrous decision made by a group of well-meaning accountants.

John Guthrie

Andersons Bay


Aurora sale

Why would any organisation want to pay $1.5 billion for a community service monopoly, especially seeing as Aurora only turns a profit of a few millions. The answer must be that being an absolute monopoly eventually the community will pay through the nose so we sell the family silver and then pay rent to the new owner.

Bruce Cloughley



Treacherous nurses need to think about NZ

What is happening with the 9000 nurses who are choosing to go to Australia to get more money for their own financial gain. In my book this is treason, to abandon your own country in a time when they are really needed. They have been trained here not in Australia and they should feel some obligation to the country where most of their educational needs were taken care of, at immense cost to the New Zealand taxpayers.

Maybe it could be written into their conditions before they start that they will have to stay employed in a New Zealand hospital for at least 3-4 years before they ever think of going anywhere else to work. I must stress to these nurses to think carefully before leaving New Zealand.

D. Graham



Shocked and disgusted

Being a pensioner living in Mosgiel it has been four years since I have been to the Octagon and when my grandson took me for a meal there I was shocked and disgusted at its condition. Once the Octagon was the oasis of Dunedin but not any more. How the council could allow painting monstrosities to be done on the boarding across the front of the historic council and town hall area makes me wonder who we are electing to council. As for the reddish frame plonked in the middle of the grass area, if it had to be erected somewhere the Oval would have been much more appropriate. It’s time the people of Dunedin said enough is enough of this wanton spending, like the additional rubbish bins and cycleways. They don’t seem to care and just put the rates up.

Keith Spence


[Abridged — Ed]


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