Addiction to meth behind man’s thefts

A homeless man stole from someone who tried to help him and burgled his mother’s workplace, a court has heard.

Nicol Jayden McMurdo, 29, appeared in the Invercargill District Court this week after pleading guilty to burglary, converting a vehicle, theft and breaching release conditions.

The court heard that on December 16, a 62-year-old man lent the defendant his car.

But McMurdo did not return the vehicle.

Instead, he painted it and registered it under his own name before listing it for sale online.

The victim said he "felt like rubbish" following the theft.

He said the defendant had taken from him the joy of helping people out.

Two days later, the defendant broke into his mother’s workplace and took more than $1000 worth of goods.

She said her son breached her trust and she was embarrassed to have to contact the head office.

The court heard McMurdo was offending to fund his methamphetamine addiction and had similar previous convictions.

"Unless you get on top of [your addiction] you are destined to become caught in the revolving door of the prison," Judge Russell Walker said.

"You are old enough to be making good decisions for yourself."

McMurdo said he was motivated to stay on the right path after spending more than three months in custody.

Judge Walker sentenced him to two years’ intensive supervision and ordered him to pay $1349 reparation.