Advice heeded

A Cromwell builder convicted of his 32nd driving while disqualified offence has been given a chance to stay out of the justice system - all because he got glasses and passed his driver's licence.

Richard Kurie (50) was told by Judge Turner in the Alexandra District Court in July if he got his driver's licence, he would not be disqualified from driving again.

Judge Turner said on Tuesday Kurie would have faced two years' imprisonment for driving while disqualified in Cromwell on February 20. It was Kurie's 32nd such offence.

But instead Judge Turner congratulated Kurie for getting his learner's licence and getting his life ''back on track''.

It had been made possible when Kurie got glasses for his poor eyesight, which meant he had previously failed the eyesight part of the test and been unable to read the driver's licence examination questions, the court heard.

Kurie, who has 112 convictions spanning 32 years, including 91 driving offences, was sentenced to 75 hours' community work.

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