Group wants to build new Cromwell cultural centre

A Cromwell group is wanting to steer the development of a new multi-purpose Cromwell cultural centre and is asking for authority to knock the existing memorial hall down.

The Cromwell Cultural Centre Group, which was formed last year, outlined its ideas during a presentation to the Cromwell Community Board this afternoon.

It follows years of toing and froing about the hall by successive community boards. A proposed $5.4 million redevelopment was finally thrown out in 2017 and the hall has been in limbo since then.

The group, which is seeking charitable status to assist with funding, is seeking delegated authority from the Cromwell Community Board to proceed with its plans to design a new centre, demolish the existing hall, then build and manage a new facility.

Group members said community feedback showed most Cromwell residents wanted a new multi-purpose facility built. Cromwell was growing and needed a bigger facility for arts, cultural and community events, group member Jackie Hamilton said.

Other than the estimated $1 million cost of a feasibility study, the cost of the project was not yet known, group members said.

The group, which presented during public forum at the board meeting, was advised by board chairman Neil Gillespie its next step needed to be submitting a report to be included in a board agenda.

Group member James Dicey said the group would do that, hopefully with the assistance of council staff.

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