Woman stomped, man glassed in drunken night of violence

A day of rodeo and drinking resulted in a wild night of violence for a Ranfurly woman, a court has heard.

Darcey Louise Hawea (21) appeared in the Dunedin District Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to wounding with intent to injure, assault with intent to injure and assault.

The defendant attended the Maniototo Rodeo with her sister Sam on December 27, 2018, where they started drinking.

They topped up with more alcohol before heading to the Waipiata Hotel, where the fireworks began.

Due to the compact size of the establishment’s dance floor, the revellers repeatedly bumped into one another, the court heard.

This led to an argument between Sam Hawea and another woman.

With the pair grappling on the ground, Darcey Hawea kicked the victim in the stomach then stomped on her head.

“The stomp was forceful and deliberate,” police said.

The victim, who read her statement in court, said she suffered bruising and tenderness as a result of the attack.

“I had a really good day with friends until Darcey ruined it for me and everyone else,” she said.

Moments later, the defendant’s rampage continued.

Without warning, she punched another woman in the face.

It was enough to result in the sisters being removed from the property but not enough to cool their tempers.

Sam Hawea was approached outside by another patron, who took her to task over her behaviour.

Judge John Macdonald said there was a suggestion the man made a racist comment.

While they argued, Darcey Hawea approached from behind holding a 12-ounce glass.

She slammed it into the victim’s head, causing it to shatter, then tried to stab him with the jagged shard left in her hand.

The attack left the man with two lacerations and the judge said his injuries could have been much more serious.

One of the owners took the remains of the glass from Darcey Hawea but she found another one and prepared to strike again.

Eventually, she was escorted away from the premises.

Counsel Anne Stevens QC said her client was a single mother living in Ranfurly — a trajectory that was not in her life’s plan.

Darcey Hawea, the court heard, discovered she was pregnant while attending university and was now of “limited means” and trying to hold down a job and support her son.

She was sentenced to four months’ community detention, 125 hours’ community work and nine months’ supervision.

Judge Macdonald ordered her to pay a total of $750 to her three victims.

Sam Hawea was discharged without conviction on two charges of assault last year.