Council considers dump station site

The Waitaki District Council is still considering options for a dump station in Palmerston.

There has been criticism from residents concerned at a proposed site on Goodwood Rd.

Options were discussed at a meeting in Palmerston between Waitaki Mayor Gary Kircher and a deputation from the Promotion of Palmerston group last week - including the car park off Start St behind the Palmerston Community Centre, at the Mill domain and at the Palmerston showgrounds.

Mr Kircher said he was "open-minded'' about possible dump station sites in Palmerston.

While the Goodwood Rd site was the "preferred site'' in an early council staff report, it no longer was, he said.

The Goodwood Rd site would have allowed the emptying of motor caravan septic tanks on a council-owned road verge and was opposed by 27 residents who met at the site on October 8.

Objections had included proximity to houses and businesses, limited turning space on a 100kmh road and distance from the town centre, as well as a lack of consultation by the council.

A report will be made to the Waihemo Community Board and the Waitaki District Council.


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