Pipers ready for Lookout Point hymns on Good Friday

Playing atop Lookout Point are North Otago Highland Pipe Band members (from left): Priscilla...
Playing atop Lookout Point are North Otago Highland Pipe Band members (from left): Priscilla Martin, Bill Kingan, Hugh Matheson, Hadley Ludemann, Stewart Graham, Rodney Elder, Helena Paton and Peter Finlayson. PHOTO: WYATT RYDER
An anonymous donation, a mother’s favourite hymn and bagpipes at sunset.

Since 2021, the North Otago Highland Pipe Band has been sending off the Good Friday sun with a performance atop Oamaru’s Lookout Point above Cape Wanbrow.

It started when a former Oamaru man living in the United States donated to the band and requested they held a tribute for his mother.

The band will be playing a variety of tunes, but the main event is Amazing Grace, which was his mother’s favourite hymn.

The man, who wanted to remain anonymous, lived with his family in the town during the 1950s and 1960’s.

The performance was filmed so he could enjoy a piece of Oamaru from the US.

Drummer Sergeant Jennifer Gower said highland pipers would get dressed up at the drop of a hat and were more than happy to put on the show, especially for such a heartfelt tribute.

"Turn off your TV and radio around sunset on Friday and listen out for the sounds of pipes and drums in the distance," she said.

"Take a moment for your own personal thoughts and reflections."

President Bill Kingan said they never knew if the man would send through a donation each year, which was part of the fun.

"It’s a little bit of mystery, which is how we like it."

He was expecting hundreds of spectators.

The band will begin at 7pm on Good Friday and play for about half an hour.