Season of success for couple

Alison and Neville Ludemann hold up the Rose Ranfurly and Mills Shield at the Maheno Bowing Club...
Alison and Neville Ludemann hold up the Rose Ranfurly and Mills Shield at the Maheno Bowing Club after a successful season of flower growing and bowls. PHOTO: WYATT RYDER
For him, bowls; for her, bulbs.

Kakanui couple Alison and Neville Ludemann each have their own hobbies and the pair of shiny shields they helped win is proof of their hard work.

At the end of February she helped the North Otago Rose Society complete a successful weekend in Greymouth, taking home the Rose Ranfurly, while he was concluding a half-year season with the Maheno Bowling Club, winning the Mills Shield.

Mrs Ludemann said it was quite exciting, as both of their groups were small and worked hard to win.

For the bowling club it was their first victory in a decade.

"Neville had it first, then I came home and said to him "you’re not the only one who could get a shield".

"There’s been a bit of ongoing competition between us over the years."

Despite Mr Ludemann having no passion for competitive flower growing and Mrs Ludemann seldom touching a bowl, they sometimes ended up entangled in each other’s hobbies.

She once acted as secretary to the bowls club, while he was often issued the task of picking up the flower trimmings, she said.

They each had their own side in the garden and would not dare venture across to the other side.

She had her flowers and Mr Ludemann was left to grow the cauliflowers and cabbages.

Mr Ludemann said even if he did dare to tidy her side of the garden, there would never be any weeds left in the soil as they would be laying on the lawn ready for him to collect.

They checked in with each other’s competitions, but were happy to stick to their own thing.

When asked which club was likely to keep their shield for another year, Mr Ludemann said it had to be the bowling club, while Mrs Ludemann thought the Rose Society had a better shot.