Trust gives boost to nursing students

At the presentation of this year’s Bernadette East Nursing Scholarships are (from left)...
At the presentation of this year’s Bernadette East Nursing Scholarships are (from left) Bernadette’s daughter Janna McGlashan and husband David East, recipients Loren Sugrue and Michelle Marshall and Bidwill Trust chairman Sam Hervey. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
Two South Canterbury nursing students have received $3000 each towards their third-year studies for a Bachelor’s Degree of Nursing from the Bidwill Trust Hospital Bernadette East Nursing Scholarship.

Michelle Marshall and Loren Sugrue each received their scholarship at a presentation late last month.

The scholarship was created in 2022 in memory of the late Bernadette East, who was a senior nurse at Bidwill Trust Hospital for 39 years.

Applicants had to have successfully completed year two of their studies towards their degree, and either be residents in South Canterbury or have completed their high school education in the province.

Ms Marshall and Ms Sugrue were the successful applicants for the second year of the scholarship after applications opened in October last year.

Bidwill general manager Tina Rogers said Bernadette East had a passion for nursing with a focus on quality and excellence.

"She gave many people their professional break, mentoring and encouraging people to see things in themselves that they did not see.

"We are pleased to see strong evidence of how the two successful candidates intend to benefit their nursing careers and their communities through the assistance provided."

A former Roncalli College pupil, Ms Sugrue is studying at Otago Polytechnic.

She says the scholarship will reduce her need to work part-time to support her studies, meaning she will have more time to focus on her studies to help achieve a high standard of academic excellence.

"After I graduate I would love to come back to Timaru, gain some work experience and give back to the community I grew up in," she said.

Ms Marshall, who studies at Ara/Te Pūkenga in Timaru, says she intends to use the funds towards childcare costs for her two boys which would mean she could reduce her work hours during her clinical placements and spend more time with her whanau.

"I am committed to staying in Timaru with my family, and I would love to work in a role that is community focused.

"I have a passion for quality improvement, patient advocacy and striving for equity," she said.