CDC refines performance framework

Steve Hill
Steve Hill
Clutha District Council approved changes to its long-term plan performance framework yesterday.

The framework sets benchmarks for a wide variety of council activities, and assigns key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure them.

The new framework contains 66 measures, in comparison to 102 in the 2015 long-term plan.

Twelve new KPIs were added to the updated framework, in areas including customer service, waste, investment, planning, and civil defence.

Ensuring the areas of council performance being measured were appropriate and relevant was key to meeting long-term plan targets, council chief executive Steve Hill said.

"We’ve undergone extensive discussion in this area both internally through workshops with our managers, and today with our elected members. Not only is it a statutory requirement for us, but it also helps us assess whether we’re continuing to improve in key areas of service delivery to the community."

The consultation process had helped by reducing the number of measures, as the sector looked to employ fewer, more meaningful KPIs, he said.

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