Birds and friends flock to show

A cacaphony of bird calls and chirps could be heard at this weekend's Southland Bird Club's 57th annual show.

With more than 400 birds on display, members of the public were invited to view different kinds of canaries, finches, hook beak parrots, budgies and cockatiels.

Exhibitors had the chance to compete for trophies, rosettes and cash prizes at Ascot Community School, in Invercargill.

People flocked to see the birds on display at the Southland Bird Club's 57th annual show held in...
People flocked to see the birds on display at the Southland Bird Club's 57th annual show held in Invercargill. PHOTOS: LAURA SMITH

Birds were judged on various things specific to their type, but mostly on colour, shape and condition.

The colour-fed canaries were judged mainly on the boldness of their red colour, while the lizard canaries were judged on the pattern on their feathers - the more defined the "scales" the better.

There was also a selection of birds for sale, including budgies, quails and cockatiels.

People came from near and far for the show.

Christchurch exhibitor Arthur Jordan, who won first, second and third in the colour-fed canary category, thought his birds did pretty well - "they've got to be a special kind of bird before they're even colour fed."

Hannah (10) and Shane Pow travelled down from Balclutha to see the birds.

Hannah said her favourites at the show were the colourful lovebirds, while Mr Pow said budgies were probably his favourite.

While some bought birds to be kept as pets, others were on the hunt for a new breeding bird.

Audrey and Peter Chapman from Invercargill said they were looking for a female budgie and canary because, "our breeders are getting past their use-by date, and of course we wanted to see the beautiful birds."

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