Teams tap into talents

Photo: Laura Smith
Photo: Laura Smith
While a team from Tapanui School tried its luck at the 2019 EIS Technology Challenge, it was a team from Limehills School that won the first challenge of the day.

Twenty-eight school teams from all over Southland, in years 5 to 8, came together at the Waianiwa Community Hall to find inventive ways of tackling the day's challenges.

The first challenge involved building a structure from which a marble would travel down towards a target can.

Waianiwa School teacher Siitia Leti said they had to think about distance to target, the flooring, and how high the start point was. They were also judged on the time it took to get from point A to B.

All Southland schools were invited, he said, and teams came from all over the region, including Tapanui, Invercargill and various rural schools.

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